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Zero lyrics


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        My reflection, dirty mirror
    there's no connection to myself
    I'm your lover, I'm your zero
    I'm the face in your dreams of glass
    So save your prayers
    for when you're really gonna need 'em
    throw out your cares and fly
    Wanna go for a ride?

    She's the one for me
    She's all I really need
    Cause she's the one for me

    Emptiness is loneliness and loneliness is cleanliness
    and cleanliness is godliness, and God is empty just like me
    Intoxicated with the madness, I'm in love with my sadness
    Bullshit fakers, enchanted kingdoms
    The fashion victims chew their charcoal teeth
    I never let on that I was on a sinking ship
    I never let on that I was down
    You blame yourself, for what you can't ignore
    You blame yourself for wanting more

    She's the one for me
    She's all I really need
    She's the one for me
    She's my one and only

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